2021 Update

Tours will begin again in May. Come meet our residents!

Check out the events page for dates! All tours are $10 per person the day of your tour. RSVP essential to keep groups small. Address and parking info will be provided as your date nears. All of our tours are casual, informative, fun, and conversational. You can expect to pet and maybe feed a pig that has a wonderful life living free from harm or neglect. You’ll get to see them enjoying their life, roaming about a field having a fun time just being a pig, eating grass and rolling in the mud. If a chicken allows it, we may hold and pet a chicken too!


The first and foremost part of our mission is to care for the abandoned, neglected, or abused animals that come into our care. We provide medical attention and health care to them, just as you would for a cat or dog companion. A sanctuary is a place where animals are allowed to grow old as comfortably as possible, with love, gentleness and kindness. To help with the expenses of this critical part of our mission, see our donate page and remember all donations are tax deductible.


To grow in compassion as a community, it helps to connect with the animals one-on-one. At our events and small group tours, we offer that opportunity! It’s always up to the animals whether they want to engage with us humans (we aren’t a petting zoo), but they are often very excited for a treat and enjoy their time getting to know us too! With just a few bigger events per year and numerous small group tours, connection is very important and very available- just ask!


Education is the third part of our mission. We host annual children’s events that are structured to, for, and around the needs and attention spans of young children. In addition, every tour participant throughout the whole year, leaves with literature and resources for increasing their plant based living, if they are open to it. We are founded on vegan principles and we support any steps- big or small- towards plant based living. Making a connection with an animal here is often the first step!

Dominion, verb: to have control over; be responsible for; to care for.

Our founding principle

An understanding of dominion drives our mission to care for rejected animals and help people make compassionate, environmentally sustainable, healthy choices. Our three-part mission includes not only animal care, but also connecting with the animals and teaching open-minded humans about the joys of plant based living.

About Us

We’re a small, growing animal sanctuary that was founded in May 2018. Our Tax-Exempt ID number is 83-3222000 for you to use any donations as tax-deductions. Read more about us and see many photos of our residents: More About Us

Get In Touch


616-204-8436 (text)

We’re located in Sparta, Michigan, please email or text for our street address.