Our Residents

If any animal pulls at your heartstrings and you’re moved to sponsor them for $12-25 per month, please click on the underlined part of their information to be taken to their sponsor page. If you’d like to know more about anyone, or meet them first, come for a tour! Or, if you’re far away, email me at dominionsanctuaryMI@gmail.com – I’d love to chat more with you about them. Any one of them would love and appreciate your support and sponsorship definitely comes with extra snuggle or hang out time, if you’re local.

Carlos arrived in May of 2018, and early that summer, had an essential eye surgery (entropion) to prevent losing his eye! He loved having his snout out the window on the car ride to MSU!
Ariella was found on the streets alone and abandoned bruised, with most of her feathers missing. Found by A.S.K. and paired with Bosco, they bonded closely. Ariella is the most adventurous hen.
Natasha is the Zen pig at Dominion Sanctuary. She is often seen meditating, and is very easy-going and peaceful with all other pigs and humans. She came from a severe hoarding and neglect case with Carol.
Wilby was an owner surrender, a special, blind pig we sought out as a companion for Margaret; he arrived July 4, 2020. Wilby has and has a sweet, patient and accepting temperament and has fit right in.

Mowgli is Carlos’ son, and the gentlest of the pink pigs. He struggles with some anxiety, especially around food, and runs away from his food to drink water frequently- rare for his species to do that!
We rescued beautiful Allie from the streets of Muskegon two years before she came to live with us. She was dumped on the side of the road. She stayed at A.S.K. too and is part of Bosco’s family too!
Wanda (“White Tail Wanda”) is the smallest of the three black sisters, and she’s always trying to work her way up the hierarchy ladder. She typically doesn’t appreciate being touched by humans.
Jerry came to us as an “oops” rooster. The damaging process of farm stores and hatcheries unfortunately produces some roosters when people only want hens. The roosters usually face death. Not Jerry!
Moana is a sassy princess and the only girl of the three pink pigs. The three pink pigs were our only residents for over a year and she got very spoiled. She is independent and loves to explore!
Margaret was found left for dead in a severe residential neglect case. She was given no room to roam and only junk food. She was blind from fat rolls covering her eyes. She has a new life now!
Scott was rescued 1/3/20 from living under a pine tree and just barely surviving. Once he got home to Dominion and felt warmth, food, and love, he received medical care and antibiotics to heal.

Bosco is the gentlest leader of his little family of three. He suffered a broken wing, so his right wing is immobile, exposing him to some unique risks. His bright orange color is striking!
Carol and her sisters joined us just days after Margaret in the summer of 2019. Carol is the friendliest, most confident, kind leader of all. Her signature style is her mohawk when relaxed!
Hank was living in someone’s wood pile when he was rescued on January 6, 2020. He accepted a relationship with Scott within about 30 seconds of meeting. He loves to perch high and crows loud!

We appreciate your consideration to sponsor someone so very much. Thank you! There are other ways you can get involved by volunteering or supporting us from afar in other ways too. Check out the Support page. Thank you again!

~ Allie, Founder, pictured with Margaret

Sponsoring a friend here is a symbolic gesture of taking care of that animal’s basic needs. We can’t literally keep Wanda from eating Natasha’s food at their shared trough, but you are paying for the food for one of them. If more than one person were to sponsor one animal, the funds would then go to that animal’s medical care/hoof trims/annual check ups (or for the hens, reproductive medical treatment.) You’re fully in control of your donations through your paypal account. They’ll come out monthly until you stop them through your own account. If you’d like to sponsor someone through checks mailed, or Venmo, just let us know! And THANK YOU! Your caring means the world to the animals and to us.

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