The Sisters

Introducing the beautiful Carol, Natasha, and Wanda or, as we affectionately refer to them, “The Sisters.” These three gals came to us from a terrible hoarding and neglect situation in Indiana August 2018. Our wonderful volunteers, Kelsey and Jen, helped transport them to their new home at Dominion. The Sisters are American Guinea Hogs. TheyContinue reading “The Sisters”

Fun Facts About Pigs

Did you know… 1. Pigs are very intelligent (smarter than dogs!). 2. Pigs are very vocal. When you hear a grunt or a snort, they’re actually communicating. 3. Newborn piglets run to the sound of their mother’s voice. New moms sing to their babies when nursing. 4. The expression “sweating like a pig” is inaccurate.Continue reading “Fun Facts About Pigs”