The Sisters

Introducing the beautiful Carol, Natasha, and Wanda or, as we affectionately refer to them, “The Sisters.” These three gals came to us from a terrible hoarding and neglect situation in Indiana August 2018. Our wonderful volunteers, Kelsey and Jen, helped transport them to their new home at Dominion.

The Sisters are American Guinea Hogs. They are a beautiful shiny black and may have hair, depending on the season. During cooler times, they have about 3+ inch long, very thick hair which helps keep them cozy. In warmer times, they lose all of their hair! They love to bathe in the mud and to cover themselves in muck every chance they get!

The Sisters are very hardy and don’t mind being out in the elements. It’s not unusual to find them hanging out in the rain or snow, even when they have the option to take shelter. They’re night owls as well. While the other pigs like to be in bed by dark, it’s not unusual to see these ladies still out and about. And just like any other animal (humans included), Carol, Natasha, and Wanda have their own personalities and preferences. Even though they like to spend time together, the sisters love chilling out on their own sometimes. Carol can often be found basking in the sun at the front corner of the enclosure while Natasha is lounging in her woodchip nest and Wanda is tucked away, out of sight, in the back corner.
Now, there is a hierarchy among The Sisters. Carol is the boss, so to speak. But don’t let her fool you, this gal also happens to be one of the friendliest-to-humans residents. Don’t be surprised if you see her drop for a belly rub! You can recognize Carol by her white legs, curly tail, and is the largest of the three. Next in line is Natasha. She’s recognizable by being all black! She’s not as keen on humans but is slowly warming up. And last, but certainly not least, is Wanda. Like Natasha, Wanda also is a bit standoffish from humans, but has learned to trust a bit. You’ll be able to spot her by her white tipped tail, legs, and ear markings. Although Natasha and Wanda have warmed up a bit since their arrival, we always respect their desire for space and never try to force unwanted attention.

Written by volunteer, Colleen Armstrong, thank you Colleen! You can learn more about or sponsor Carol, Natasha or Wanda by visiting our “our residents” page.

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We're a small (growing!) sanctuary in Sparta, Michigan taking in pigs and chickens in need.

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