Hey, I’m Bosco

I’m a handsome rooster who arrived at Dominion Sanctuary May 4, 2018. I was rescued from humans who weren’t able to take care of me after I was injured by a hawk. A little background…my lady friend was picked up by a hawk right in front of me. Sadly, I wasn’t able to save her. Two days later, I was so distracted by my heartbreak, the hawk got me too! Thankfully, the hawk didn’t have a good hold on me and I was able to escape, but not without hurting myself. My right wing broke in the fall and didn’t heal properly. I don’t have use of that wing anymore, but it doesn’t get me down. I’m still able to take my dust baths, which I love. I have to be careful, though, because if I roll over too far onto my back or left side, I’m likely to get stuck. Thankfully, the humans check on me and lend a helping hand when I need it. I even reward them with some snuggles afterward 😊

If you visit me at Dominion, you’ll recognize me by my brilliant orange feathers and beautiful, long wattles (they match my comb). You’ll find me hanging out with my lady friends, Ariella and Allie. I keep a watchful eye on them. I’m cautious around any visitors initially, but warm up quickly when I recognize you’re a human I can trust.

Thank you to Colleen Armstrong for the great article on our resident orange rooster, Bosco!

Published by Dominion Sanctuary, specializing in pigs & chickens

We're a small (growing!) sanctuary in Sparta, Michigan taking in pigs and chickens in need.

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