Meet Wilby

It was the fourth of July when Wilby, a black and white potbelly pig, made the 7 hour trek from Pennsylvania thanks to a generous volunteer, Lexi. We were told he is about 6 years old, but our vet suspects he may be a bit older. Like Margaret, Wilby has fat deposits around his eyes that obstruct his vision, even though he isn’t that overweight. Pigs who suffer from this are sometimes referred to as “fat blind”, or “situationally blind”. The medical term is “entropion”. But don’t worry, Wilby doesn’t let this get him down. He is a sweet, affectionate guy who rolled over for belly rubs on his first day at Dominion!

At his previous home, Wilby was free to graze for food, taking advantage of what nature had to offer, any time. At Dominion, he’ll have his meals delivered to him to take the guesswork out of meal time. It’s our hope that by closely controlling his diet, we can manage his weight and, hopefully, restore some of his vision.

Now, onto Wilby and Margaret’s budding friendship…after some initial hiccups, they seem to be getting along famously! Initially, they were separated by a fence while Wilby got comfortable in his new space and was quarantined to monitor his health. There was some bickering through the fence, even some growls. It was our feeling, and hope, that once the fence was removed, Wilby and Margaret would become fast friends. And we were right!! They still have an occasional quarrel, but nothing exciting. I suspect they will continue to grow closer as they gain more trust for one another.

Wilby has proven to be the perfect addition to Dominion Sanctuary! You can read about sponsoring Wilby on the sponsorship page!

Written by volunteer, Colleen Armstrong.

Published by Dominion Sanctuary, specializing in pigs & chickens

We're a small (growing!) sanctuary in Sparta, Michigan taking in pigs and chickens in need.

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