Small group tours are BACK! We have tours scheduled for the following dates, but if these dates don’t work for you, please email me to find something that that does work. We want you to meet these sweet pigs and chickens as much as you want to meet them! Please fill this form out and include how many in your group. I’ll email you to confirm. If you’d rather just email us to RSVP, that’s no problem at all-

RSVP is absolutely required so that group size stays very small. We keep the groups below 6-8 people so that we are able to go in with the pigs if desired, and interact with them. A group size of much bigger, and we lose that opportunity. If your group is larger, we have ways to make it work- just email us.

At this time, with the Coronavirus in mind, we’ve cancelled all Yoga with Pigs and our Pigs & Kids events. We apologize greatly for the inconvnience (sadness) at missing out on these fun events, but it’s for the best right now.

Follow along on our Facebook page (dominionsanctuaryMI) or Instagram (dominionsanctuary) or right here on our website for changes or additions in the coming months or in 2021.

Published by Dominion Sanctuary, specializing in pigs & chickens

We're a small (growing!) sanctuary in Sparta, Michigan taking in pigs and chickens in need.

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