Fun Facts About Pigs

Did you know…

1. Pigs are very intelligent (smarter than dogs!).
2. Pigs are very vocal. When you hear a grunt or a snort, they’re actually communicating.
3. Newborn piglets run to the sound of their mother’s voice. New moms sing to their babies when nursing.
4. The expression “sweating like a pig” is inaccurate. Pigs have very few sweat glands and are unable to sweat to cool off. They wade into water and mud for this.
5. Pigs are clean! There’s a common misconception that pigs are dirty. Yes, they love to get muddy, but they keep separate areas for sleeping, eating, and toileting.
6. Speaking of mud, remember how pigs use mud to cool down? It also acts as a sunscreen and helps to keep bugs off!
7. Pigs’ sense of smell is very strong, about 2,000 x stronger than that of a human. They use their snouts to find food and explore the world around them.
8. Pigs are very social. They love to cuddle with one another and will sleep nose-to-nose.
9. Pigs can run fast. In fact, adults can reach speeds of up to 11 mph. That’s the equivalent of a 7 minute mile!
10. Pigs have tons of taste buds. Humans have about 9,000 while pigs have around 15,000. This may explain why they love to eat!

Written by volunteer, Colleen Armstrong.

Published by Dominion Sanctuary, specializing in pigs & chickens

We're a small (growing!) sanctuary in Sparta, Michigan taking in pigs and chickens in need.

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